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March 3, 2012
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FS Icons Ubuntu by franksouza183 FS Icons Ubuntu by franksouza183

I know, advertisements are terribly boring, but accessing the download page via you will be helping me maintain the project. You can also make a donation via PayPal at >> [link]


Many thanks to:

- Christopher Horton, for giving me some ideas for icons and make video tutorials
- Aditya Vaidya (kroq-gar78), stable and unstable PPA maintainer, and by packaging


FS Icons Ubuntu proposes a new look, smooth and modern icons for Ubuntu. Feel free to request more icons through Launchpad page >> [link].
Tested on Ubuntu and Kubuntu 12.04 and 12.10

FS Icons Ubuntu also has a Google+ page! Follow here: [link]


PPA is not working, we are verifying the problem. Install it manually, as described below

0.6-alpha4 (Media Fire Server) >> [link]

0.5.2 >> [link]

INSTALLING (0.6-alpha series only)

(Many thanks to Christopher Horton)
Video tutorial >> [link]
Installing Unoverridable icons video tutorial >> [link]

Before installing this version, remove / uninstall any previous version


Unoverridable icons includes:

- LibreOffice
- Desura
- Hplip tray icon
- Alarmclock

Do not worry, the icons will be installed only if their applications are installed.


1 - Extract file
2 - Give execute permission to file and run it
3 - The Script will guide you through the installation / setup / uninstall
4 - To install unoverridable icons (LibreOffice icons and HPLIP tray icon), rerun the installer script after installing the icons. The option is there

For better compatibility with the FS Icons Ubuntu Mono Dark set, I recommend using the Salience GTK+2/3 theme, which is available here: [link]

Both FS Icons Ubuntu and Salience are official themes in the LumiNight theme suite project. If you have themes for other parts of the desktop which would fit in with these themes, please ask us to take a look for possible inclusion.



Version 0.6-alpha4
- Some app icons adjusted
- Some places icons adjusted
- Apps icons added: appearance, disc recorder, chronometer, print, desura, hardware, KDE plasma, telepathy-kde, users, login preferences
- InSync extra folder added
- Some actions icons added

Version 0.6-alpha3
- Android apk mimetype icon added
- Internet category icon changed
- Terminal icon changed
- Video player icon changed
- Apps icons added: calendar, sound converter, date time, clock, screensaver, gnome online accounts, nuvola player, ibus, shortcuts, file association
- Many bugfixes in the installer script

Version 0.6-alpha2
- Software center icon changed
- Lot of social network icons added
- Amazon store icon added

Version 0.6-alpha
- New variants
- Lot apps icons added/adjusted
- Lot mimetypes icons added/adjusted
- Lot status, panel and actions icons added/adjusted
- Unoverridable icons added (LibreOffice, HPLip, alarmclock and Software Center)
- Instalation/setup script added

Version 0.5.2
- Bugfix to Libre Office icons on Ubuntu Precise Pangolin
- Ajustment on Trash Icon

Version 0.5.1
- Bugfix to small trash icons

Version 0.5
- Shading adjustment in some icons;
- Added more 12 mimetypes icons
- Added more 1 devices icons
- Added more 15 places/extra icons
- Added more 13 apps icons
- Added 2 categories icons
- Added more 3 actions icons

Version 0.4
- Added Google Chrome icon;
- Various Action/Panel apps/Status icons added;
- Shading adjustment in some icons;
- More 7 mimetypes icons added;
- Redesign of python mimetype icon;
- More extra folders icons added.

Version 0.3
- Shading adjusted in some icons;
- More 4 mimetypes icons added;
- Some extra folders icons added.

Version 0.2
- New design;
- Icons adapted from the main project.
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PJSingh5000 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014
In Ubuntu 14.04, some apps require 24 pixel icons.  You can use the 22 pixel FS icons as 24 pixel icons by creating links to the 22 pixel icons and updating the FS Icon theme configuration files...

1) Execute the following command if you need to be root to make changes to your FS Icons installation.

$ sudo -i

2) Change to the location where you've installed the FS Icons (ex. /usr/share/fs-icons-ubuntu or /usr/share/icons, etc.)...

$ cd <location where fs icons are installed>

3) For 24 px size icons, link to the existing 22 px size icons...

$ for file in `ls ./ | grep fs-icons-ubuntu`; do ln -s 22x22 ./$file/24x24; done

4) In index.theme, add the 24 px size icons to the available Desktop, Toolbar, MainToolbar, Small, Panel, and Dialog sizes...

$ sed -i "s|22,|22,24,|g" ./fs-icons-ubuntu*/index.theme

5) In index.theme, add the 24 px size icon directories...

$ sed -i "s|22x22/status,|22x22/status,24x24/actions,24x24/animations,24x24/apps,24x24/categories,24x24/devices,24x24/emblems,24x24/mimetypes,24x24/places,24x24/status,|g" ./fs-icons-ubuntu*/index.theme</code>

6) In index.theme, add 24 px size icon metadata for actions, animations, apps, categories, devices, emblems, mimetypes, places, status...

$ sed -i "s|\[32x32/actions\]|\n[24x24/actions]\nSize=24\nContext=Actions\nType=Threshold\n\n[24x24/animations]\nSize=24\nContext=Animations\nType=Threshold\n\n[24x24/apps]\nSize=24\nContext=Applications\nType=Threshold\n\n[24x24/categories]\nSize=24\nContext=Categories\nType=Threshold\n\n[24x24/devices]\nSize=24\nContext=Devices\nType=Threshold\n\n[24x24/emblems]\nSize=24\nContext=Emblems\nType=Threshold\n\n[24x24/mimetypes]\nSize=24\nContext=MimeTypes\nType=Threshold\n\n[24x24/places]\nSize=24\nContext=Places\nType=Threshold\n\n[24x24/status]\nSize=24\nContext=Status\nType=Threshold\n\n\n\n[32x32/actions]|g" ./fs-icons-ubuntu*/index.theme

7) Update icon caches. (You may ignore "generated cache was invalid" warnings).

$ for file in `ls ./ | grep fs-icons-ubuntu`; do echo "Updating cache for $file..."; gtk-update-icon-cache -f ./$file; done

8) Execute the following only if you did "sudo -i" in step 1 above.

$ exit
AnwarRental Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Hi, can i have one like this but it's for Windows. I really love it's design
gkosas Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014
Hello, Frank. Very soon will Ubuntu 14.04. Can we hope to create a package for this OS?
franksouza183 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014
I really dont know. I'm focused on another icons project, which I believe is more actual and better designed, take a look…. For now, only compatible with KDE, sorry
Smartie7 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi, your icons are amazing. Heart
May I use one of them in a small multimedia CD?
franksouza183 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2013
Feel free :)
Smartie7 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much
Smartie7 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Actually I've already used it.
I didn't pay attention to the license at first.
But then I came for permission!
I'm sorry ... :(
InkBlotTheColt Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
is there an icon for scribus?
marinecomm Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2013
Sorry for another post but I forgot to tell you that I am using Xubuntu 12.04.3 64-bit. These icons look great btw and hope I can get them installed correctly on my system.
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